Hidden Polymorphism

Start Learning Emacs

Mar 8, 2019
March 7th, 2019. I need to mark this date because on that day I decided to seriously learn Emacs and switch to it as my primary text editor after my 12 years Vim journey. Why? Because currently I am working on the new design of Gemsby and I have chosen to use TypeScript for the work. Unfortunately, TypeScript support in Vim is very weak at this moment, I need to spend a lot of time to fight my text editor which I would rather not to do.

New Dev Domains

Mar 4, 2019
Google opened its .dev domains for anyone to purchase without the early access fee a few days ago. Every developer should grab a .dev domain to showcase their great creations and works in my opinion, so I have grabbed TWO for myself 😁. I will need some time to figure out a better use of those domains, but for the time being, my shiny new domains, yeliu.dev and liuye.dev, will be redirect to here.

Hello World

Jul 24, 2015
This is where it all begins…